Products & Solutions

Your world-class supplier of Tires and Wheels.  Trelleborg Wheel Systems offers solutions for your agricultural, forestry and industrial tire needs. 

is a leading global supplier of tires and complete wheel systems for farm and forest machinery, forklift trucks and other materials-handling vehicles.
Our cutting-edge expertise in polymers, combined with unique application and market know-how, has given our products a market-leading position in a number of application areas.

Agricultural and Forestry Tires

Trelleborg offers a wide range of high-quality agricultural och forestry tires to cover all the application needs of farmers, contractors and OEMs.
Trelleborg Wheel Systems are specialized in high performance and technologically advanced tires for all kinds of tractors, from small machines for orchard and vineyard to the most modern vehicle over 400 HP.
Our radial TM line is designed to guarantee excellent performance both in the field and on the road. For trailer applications we have the Twin Radial product line, the first implement radial tire for all working conditions and any kind of soil.
Trelleborg is also a specialist in cross-ply tires, with a complete range of sizes suitable for all types of farm and forestry machinery.

Industrial Tires

Trelleborg is a leading supplier with a wide range of industrial tires for material handling equipment, fork-lifts and other industrial applications.

We offer industrial tires with high durability and perfect grip through our brands Bergougnan, Monarch, Rota and Trelleborg.

With distribution centers throughout the world, Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a single source supplier for original equipment and replacement markets offering a wide range of products.

Our Industrial Tires Range:

  • Resilient Tires
  • Press-on Tires
  • Polyurethane Tires
  • Industrial Pneumatics
  •  Wheels for industrial non-highway service applications (NHS)
    - multipiece lockring wheels
    - split wheels

Our Values

The following values should be regarded as the basis of our company culture and shall permeate all of our activities.

The values shall characterize our attitude towards each other, towards customers and shareholders, and towards our environment. This means that:

  • Our work shall be distinguished by high professionalism towards customers, shareholders, employees and our surroundings.
  • We shall perform so that the expectations of our shareholders will be met, and so that investment capability and survival of the company will be assured.
  • We consider our employees to be a key asset, and our goal is that each employee will contribute with open, honest communication in an atmosphere of responsibility within committed teams.
  • Based on our commitment to comfort, safety and the environment, our aim is to be deemed the preferred partner by our customers.